Log Insight 4.8 Failed Upgrade

wanted to share with you on a small issue i had during VRLI Upgrade , i had a cluster with 3 Member with VRLI 4.5 and plan to upgrade it to 4.8. Upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 work , 4.6 to 4.7 work great but fail to upgrade the VRLI to 4.8. the problem was Disk Space issue during the upgrade, when you go the first time you will tend to think the problem is connected to /storage/core because it is 97% full, well , this is incorrect because /storage/core act as the Storage place for VRLI Logs and is not apart with the installation path, the log insight know how to fill the /storage/core until it reach to 97% and then delete old logs to overcome the new one.

the file system that i needed to free was of course /storage/var that was only 64% full but didnt has the space to perform the 4.8 Upgrade, to be able to free some space i perform Snapshop of the VM and delete all the logs from the /storage/var/log insight to free the space needed

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