Longest VM uptime in Days VROPS Dashboard

In this article we will try to describes the steps to define to import VROPS 7.5 Dashboard and Get inside on System Uptime.

I have develop this dashboard to enable organization to understand when was the last time VM have been recently rebooted, as a result of this info you are able catch virtual machines that didn’t reboot for a long time and didn’t update there Security Patches.

The dashboard was Developed in my lab with vRealize Operations 7.5 and uses one super metrics included here.  I’ve converted the OS Uptime metric, which is in seconds to days.  i have created this Dashboard to enable

The super metric  (.json file) are available via my GitHub repo: http://bit.ly/2Yown2s

The formula for the super metric is : floor(${this, metric=sys|osUptime_latest}/86400)

Once downloaded, import the super metrics via the Administration tab as shown here:

Once imported, you will need to enable these super metrics in the Default Vsphere Solution Policy via the Policies tab:

Edit the Policy via the pencil icon and enable the new super metrics:

and then you need to import the Dashboard :  

VM Require Restart Base on Uptime.zip

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