vRealize Operations high availability

it is hard to really understand what is vRealize Operations high availability without getting to the Details of the Architecture.

vRealize Operations supports high availability by enabling a master replica node for the vRealize Operations master node. When present, a master replica node can take over the functions that a master node performs. When a problem occurs with the master node, failover to the replica node is automatic and requires only two to three minutes of vRealize Operations downtime. Data stored on the master node is always 100 percent backed up on the replica node. In addition, with high availability enabled, the cluster can survive the loss of a data node without losing any data.

What VROPS High Availability Cover

  1. ESXi host failure.
  2. ESX data/VM network connectivity loss.
  3. vROps Service Availability.
  4. Storage Problems.

it simple words we are talking on Replica Solution that provide HA Service for VROPS but with what cost ? you need to duplicate now your Storage and have another Server that is making the Master Node very busy for which reasons ? if you have Storage Backup Solution of Snapshot you are cover and you will be able to restore the VROPS from the last few days, i advice all my customer to skip the VROPS HA and provide better performance with your VROPS Solution.

High availability can be implemented at different levels:
• Data: Persisted data is protected against loss.
• System: Service disruption is kept to a minimum if a hardware failure occurs.
• Service: Redundant services permit simple redirection to keep the system running.

You can provide high availability to a vRealize Operations cluster at different levels. You can provide data availability by implementing appropriate RAID levels on your storage arrays. This availability protects against disk failures. The high availability feature in a vRealize Operations cluster protects against system and service availability failures. The cluster can recover from a single data node failure at any point in time because redundant services and data are maintained on the other nodes in the cluster. The failed node can be a master, replica, or data node.

i know on customers that used VROPS HA and that it is working fine , i still never heard from any customer on a time that VROPS HA save the day or any other compiling reason, only working 30 years with Monitoring and know it all, VROPS is an easy Tool to resore or to redeploy, just have a backup of your Configuration and you will be able to restore.

Why not restore from Snapshot backup few days ago? i saw much more customer suffering from HA then customer that gain value, if you have full Storage Backup you can just restore the solution, lots of time if there is a corrupt with the master it will replicate this corrupt to the Replica. i advice all my customer that have Daily Snapshot Storage backup to use this at method of restoring a Solution and not use HA, you will use VROPS HA only if there is a reason for VROPS to become mission Critical application.

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