Minimum Vcenter Collection User Permissions in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x and later

i do see a lot of times problem to understand the Minimum Permission within VROPS, Therefore want to put them on the Recored.

To configure your vCenter Adapter instance in VROPS, you need sufficient privileges to monitor and collect data and to perform vCenter Server actions.

You can configure these permissions as a single role in vCenter Server to be used by a single service account or configure them as two independent roles for two separate service accounts.

The vCenter Adapter instance monitors and collects data from vCenter Server and the vCenter Action Adapter performs some actions in vCenter Server.

So, for monitoring or collecting vCenter Server inventory and their metrics and properties, the vCenter Adapter instance needs credentials with the following privileges enabled in vCenter Server.

vCenter 6.0 and Earlier

Global > Health
Profile-Driven Storage > View
Storage views > View
vCenter Inventory Service

vCenter 6.5 and Later

Global > Global Tag
Global > Health
Global > System Tag
Performance > Modify intervals
Profile-Driven Storage > Profile-Driven Storage View
Storage Views > View
Datastore > Browse Datastore

Note: To push Wavefront agents from vRealize Operations Manager, the collection user must also have the following permissions:

Virtual Machine > Guest Operations > Guest Operation alias modification
Virtual Machine > Guest Operations > Guest Operation alias query
Virtual Machine > Guest Operations > Guest Operation modifications
Virtual Machine > Guest Operations > Guest Operation program execution
Virtual Machine > Guest Operations > Guest Operation queries

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