VCF – No eligible capacity disks found on host

During my Deployment of VCF 3.8.1 i got this error during the process of the bring-up : Host preparation exception No eligible capacity disks found on ESXi host When configuring an all-flash host for use with VMware Cloud Foundation for Service Providers, ensure that there are no more than two types or sizes of flash drive

The problem is pretty simple , VCF has very simple workflow that devide the VSAN Storage to cache and Capacity Disks, if there is more then 2 types or more then 2 Storage size the workflow failed to choose the right one.

As you can see we have 3 sizes of devices with the host, so what will be the easy way to solve it ? just create a datastore with the smallest Device and then the VCF will skip this device when choosing cache and capacity disks.

Base on KB –

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