How to reset the root password in vRealize Log Insight 8.X

This article provides steps to reset the virtual appliance root password in vRealize Log insight 8.x. 

The vRealize Log Insight 8.x console root password can be different than the admin account password that you set when configuring vRealize Log Insight.

The big different that we have now with VRLI 8 is the move to Photon OS and you just need to follow other steps to configure that.

Shutdown your vRealize Log Insight 8.x

The first thing that i have found hard at first, how do you shutdown log insight, we have seen the option to restart the log insight with the administrator –> Cluster –> choosing the vrli Node and then you have the option to restart the Log Insight, but i was not sure regarding the process of shutdown the log insight.

i have found that there is much more easy way to shutdown or restart the Log Insight Virtual machine, you just do this actions within the vsphere UI, when you shutdown or restart the virtual machine is shutdown the log insight process first before going down, taking care of accessing the log insight vm and run the command to shutdown the processes.

Restart the vRealize Log Insight 8.X to Single User Mode

In the vSphere Client, open the console of the desired node VRLI81

With the console open, restart or power on the virtual machine

If you cannot reach the boot menu before it disappears, enable Force BIOS setup in the Virtual Machine’s Settings > VM Options > Boot Options and reboot.

I have found out that what work the best on my system is to press the keyboard e to enter the boot option with Photon.

Type the letter e to go to the GNU GRUB edit menu.

When the GRUB loader menu appears, immediately use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the end of the line that starts with Photon OS or linux for new 8.x deployments.

Add a space, then type rw init=/bin/bash which adds another option to the line.

Press F10 or Ctrl-X if you are using MACOS like me

Reset the Root Password after boot

after Boot you will see the Prompt of Single User Mode that will enable you to reset the root password.

Type passwd root and follow the prompts to create a new root password.

sync and press Enter to flush the data to disk

umount / and press Enter

reboot -f and press Enter

Log into the vRealize log insight admin UI as the local admin user and verify Application status, then please open the console of the log insight and try access the vm with the new root password to verify that the process works.

check if the root account is locked

Note: Running the passwd command from the steps above will unlock the root account.

  • Type passwd -S root to determine if the root account is locked.

Note: If the account is not locked, you will see PS next to the username.  If the account is locked, you will see LK next to the username.

ExampleUnlocked: root PS 01/24/2019 0 365 7 -1
Locked: root LK 01/24/2019 0 365 7 -1

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