vRealize Operation 8.X Services Check and Restart

one of the first thing i saw when i log to the vrops to troubleshooting is the command lines that i was using in the past has change and you need to find your way with the OS to get this info, i will be adding Bugzilla to add this to the docs but i was not able to find this info within the VROPS Docs , yes , you can restart the services within the Admin UI but it is much easy to do this within the OS.

first and most you will need to start getting used to Photon OS , there is a great guidelines on how to use at : https://vmware.github.io/photon/assets/files/html/3.0/index.html

or just follow my guidelines on the process of Deploying Photon OS :

but if we focus on how to get now the status of the VROPS process you can login with Root account and run the command : vrops-status

another option will be to run the service vmware-vcops status to get the same info

if you need to restart the vrops process you can just run the command below

here is another great command that can help you troubleshoot the status of the vrops services.

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