Monitoring Kubernetes with vRealize Operations 8 Management Pack for Container

The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring provides information for automating deployment and scaling operations of application containers across clusters of hosts providing container-centric infrastructure

With VMware vRealize® Operations Management Pack™ for Container Monitoring, Virtual Infrastructure Administrators can get complete Kubernetes topology of Namespaces, Clusters, Replica Sets, Nodes, Pods, and Containers for monitoring Kubernetes clusters.

The OOTB dashboard not only provides an overview of Kubernetes eco-system but also helps in troubleshooting by highlighting the Key Performance Index and alerts for various objects pertaining to Kubernetes clusters that are monitored.

This management pack extends the monitoring capability of vRealize Operations Manager to provide insights to the Kubernetes clusters to the Virtual Infrastructure administrator.

download the management pack

Download Link for the Latest Management pack.

Install the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring

vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring consists of a PAK file. You can install the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring to monitor cluster activity, pods, and containers.

Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager with administrator privileges.

In the menu, select Administration and in the left pane select Solutions Repository.

On the Repository tab, click Add/Upgrade.

Read and accept the EULA, and click Next.

When the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring is installed, click Finish.

Here is the Build Number of the MP we have just installed.

cAdvisor YAML Definition

Before you install vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring, you must deploy the cAdvisor DaemonSet on the cluster.

Based on the Kubernetes settings, you must create a cAdvisor YAML definition.

cAdvisor (Container Advisor) provides container users an understanding of the resource usage and performance characteristics of their running containers.

It is a running daemon that collects, aggregates, processes, and exports information about running containers. Specifically, for each container it keeps resource isolation parameters, historical resource usage, histograms of complete historical resource usage and network statistics. This data is exported by container and machine-wide.

Configure Kubernetes Adapter

From the main menu of vRealize Operations Manager, click Administration, and then in the left pane, click Solutions

From the Solutions list, select VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring.

Click the Configure icon to edit an object

Enter the display name of the adapter.

You can get all the required info from the cluster master node’s $HOME/.kube/config file or from your developers.

Enter the http URL of the Kubernetes master node in the Master URL text box

The overview dashboard provides an overall representation of Kubernetes environment, nodes, pods, and containers. The overview provides information of the overall health status of clusters, nodes, and pods with their respective historical trend and metric chart.

Alerts in vRealize Operations Management Pack for Container Monitoring

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